As the child grows, he/she will become increasingly less dependent on his/her parents and will cope by him/herself with the stresses and problems of life.


Oral contraceptives could be used in the majority of cases.They are contraindicated in patients with cyanosis or pulmonary hypertension or when blood circulation is slower (such as after Fontainešs intervention) or if there is the risk of formation of blood clots in the vessels and heart cavities.


In general 90% of women operated on for a congenital heart disease or who are still cyanotic or suffering from arterial hypertension should avoid pregnancy.

At any rate, it is important to discuss with the cardiologist or gynecologist the choice of becoming pregnant.

Car driving in the great majority of cases, the young patient operated on for a congenital heart disease is allowed to obtain the driving license.


Habitual smoking accelerates the ageing process of the arteries which could become obstructed and cause a myocardial infarction or a stroke if the obstruction involves a coronary artery or a cerebral artery.

Moreover, smoking causes injuries to the bronchi and lungs.

Body weight

Overweight exerts an excessive load on the heart function, limits the physical capacities and could contribute to the ageing process of the arteries.

Working activity

In general, the cardiopathic patient after surgery could exert any professional activity, but it is advisable that the subjects who have had sequelae of surgery or who could not have corrective surgery, are oriented towards a moderate physical exercise

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