Who is the ABC
ABC (Cardiopatic Child Association) is an association which regroups parents of children affected of heart disease that was founded in Parma in 1984. Actually there are about 600 families associated, living for the most part in Parma and the others adjacent provinces (Reggio Emilia, Piacenza, Mantova,...). The association refers to the Cardiovascular Diseases Center of the Pediatric Division of the University of Parma located in Parma Hospital.
The main objective of the the association is to seek, to favour, to stimulate an optimum relationship between families and medical staff. During these years, programms achieved by the association were centered essentialy on the organisation of congress and seminars for parents about the main child heart diseases, their origins and treatment as well as their social and psychological aspects. Others initiatives regarded the promotion of activities to provide financial resources for the purchase of important equipments given to the Cardiovascular diseases Center of the Pediatric Division of the University of Parma, in other to improve the standards of the service (Ecodoppler color flow, exercise ECG, Holter, Computer, TV, play tools,...).
In particular cases, for parents and relatives of children hospitalized coming from far away, the association activates interventions to provide service and logistic help. The mains problems are now to obtain more attention from the administrative staff of the Hospital in other to solve organisative and management disorders which schackle the existing possibilties of ulterior improvement of the service in Pediatric Cardiology. In these years ABC published congress proceedings, scientific reports, besides the periodical news "ABC informa" (ABC informs) intended to its members.
Traditionally, during Christmas time, the association organizes an entertainment for the cardiopathics children. ABC collaborates with other similar european association in other to project and organize common initiatives and build a federation of association regrouping parents of children affected of heart diseases.