THE AUTHOR : Rosanna Rastelli Zavattaro

A graduate in foreign languages and literature from the Bocconi University of Milan and in Social Assistance from the "Pontificia Opera Assistenza" of Parma, she has taught English in the high schools of Parma and in Lombardy. Author of books and freelance journalist for 30 years, she currently collaborates with the "Gazzetta di Parma".



The biography of a doctor who discovered revolutionary techniques in heart surgery (" Rastelli 1" e "Rastelli 2"), the story of a man who lived the intoxicating love of joy and the responsibility of pain, the tale of a Christian clinging to God, who breathed the liberation of the Cross when, ill like his patients, he rose to his Golgotha. With courage. With humility. With a smile. More than a book, this is a hymn in praise of life. That "Gian" sang with all his breath. And that the reader, thanks to his sister Rosangela and the testimonies of those that knew him, can still hear.

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