A Butterfly 

There was a child called James who one day drew a beautiful and colourful butterfly. It was really a fantastic picture, so nice that James was surprised to see it staying still on that paper rather than flying away. So instead of being happy to have drawn such a beautiful butterfly, James was sad because his butterfly could not fly. But he did not lose heart and looked for a friend who could help him. He began by the goblin in the attic, with whom he went to play when he felt alone. It was his own friend, really precious and clever: certainly he would fly James's butterfly. He was imaginative and clever but butterflies were not his strongest subjet; on the contrary he thought that one would not manage to fly at all. A little cross, Jim did not lose heart. That friendship was not worth much and he set out to go to dog Anselmo, a real friend with whom he had spend so many afternoons running breathlessly. You could trust him and certainly he would find a solution to fly his colourful butterfly. Not so reliable ! Since the only thing he said when he saw the butterfly was that, if it had flown, he would have a lot of fun going after it and trying to catch it with his big paws. What funny friends ! - thought James a bit sad

But he did not lose heart and he set out to go to the astronaut Jimmy: a real intergalactic hero who, after interplanetary voyages and cosmic battles, had landed under James's tree just last Christmas.

Certainly one who had flown from a galaxy to another, had to know how to fly his butterfly, - thought James - , but he was wrong. Perhaps because all those journeys had puzzlrd him or because his batteries were flat, Jimmy answered that, if he had been able to, he would have flown his spaceship, not the butterfly, since recently he had some problems and at the moment he could only go around his room on those silly croaking wheels.

Stupid selfish astronaut ! - thought James angrily But he did not lose heart and he set out to go to the playground where he usually went training. There he would find a person who always gave him some good advise and right suggestions: his trainer But that day there was nobody at the playground.

James was feeling really depressed. With his wonderful butterfly in his hand and with his eyes filled with tears he went back home.

"James ! Why are you crying? Wow, what a wonderful butterfly ! Donšt tell me you have drown it ! It seems real ! It's a pity it can't fly ! But.... wait a minute. How about trying.... l've got an idea."

With his eyes still filled with tears Jarnes stared at him while he was busy cutting, pasting and tying; and when they went out to fly the butterfly in the sky like a kite, James thought Dad was really too great !