At Sea with Grandad Fred 

Grandad Fred would have liked to sail again, as he used to do when he was younger. It would have been really great to travel and see all those fantastic places and others too; he would have felt very very happy. But Grandad Fred was very very sad, because now he was old and he could not sail any more

Grandad Fred had a grandson, who was crying that night and did not want to go to sIeep. Grandad Fred did not know what to do... He had tried with a nice bowl of camomile tea, but it was too hot and his grandson had cried even more He had tried to sing a fullaby, but he was out of tune and his hoarse voice and scared the baby. He had made funny faces and strange sounds, nothing! His grandson did not calm down

" Ah, I wish I were in my boat now, rocked by peaceful waves, gazing at the moon and smoking my pipe !" - sighed Grandad Fred in a loud voice. "Even a storm would be better than this hell !" - he went on." As when in the middle of the ocean my boat did not sink by the skin of my teeth !" And he remembered when, during another voyage, he had lost the course and a dolphin had led him to the Princess of the Corals who gave hospitality to him He remembered when, some years later, the Princess had been imprisoned by the terrible Warriorcrabs, and he let her escape from a labyrinth of sand and shells and she gave l'im pearls and corals as a present. And when he had made friends with the funny Hallofish, with whom he had played in the oriental seas. Grandad Fred went on remembering when a shoal of fierce Sawfish wanted to break his boat to pieces and he was saved some Flyawayfish, who had flown him to a quite white island And to his surprise he discovered that ìt was not an island but the back of the famous White Whale, who was sad because she had to go to the Carnival party where everyone was coloured. Grandad Fred coloured her with the paints of his boat and, with the corals of the Princess, made a wonderful crown which turned the whale into the queen of the party.

Ah, how much Grandad Fred has travelled ! He has gone to the ends of the earth with his boat. And how peaceful during some moonlight nights in the middl of the sea....just like now. Yes, because now his little grandson is not crying any more and has fallen asleep.

Grandad Fred is not sad now, because in his life he has travelled a lot and perhaps with his little grandson he will travel again and again.