When a cardiopathic child enters our families, our life balance changes and from that moment we start working to find a new one. It is the time to learn to live together with long moments of anxiety, to find the hopes at which to clutch during hard times, to look up in other to know as well as possible about our childís conditions. This work intends to help the families about this last point: understand our childrenís situation in other to coach them at the best of our capacities. We want to add some thoughts, fruits of our experience with Alice: we believe that we must teach our children to be strong and brave, to be determinated during hard times. It is not easy and need a great engagement, but not impossible. At last we say to the families that life remain a school where one must draw lesson and adventage from any event that involves us. Alice did certainly managed to draw out from us the best, rewarding us with her spontaneous generosity. Enjoy the life close to your children.

Monica e Marco Bergamaschi

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