A magic friendship

Silvia was the name of a kind fairy that lived inside a bellflower. Silvia, the Fairy, had long, straight, blond hair, a sweet smile and a very graceful manner. She was very neat and tidy as only first-class fairies are. Each morning she woke up early and gathered dew drops, rose petals, perfumed grasses and cloud cotton balls. She put them in the various jars in her dispenser then, when someone asked her, she would create magic recipes and helpful potions. Once, for example, Tullia the Cicada came to her because she had lost her singing voice. On that occasion, Silvia the Fairy mixed coloured flowers, early morning dew drops, a pinch of magic powder and prepared an excellent linctus that helped Tullia the Cicala win first prize at the Field Singing Contest. Silvia the Fairy was very clever but she was also very lonely. She didnt have any friends and she didnt ever have much fun.

Quite the opposite was the dusty cobweb where a kind-hearted little witch called Matilda lived. The little witch Matilda had a bush of ginger hair, a funny pair of eyeglasses and a very up-in-the-clouds manner. She was disorganised and messy, in other words she wasnt a very good witch at all. Each morning, when she woke up late, she gathered due drops but she put them in the jar where she normally kept the toad slime. She gathered toenails of mice, but put them in the rose thorn jar. With her head in the clouds she gathered medicinal herbs but because her house was so untidy, she confused them with the tummy-ache powders and so on - it was the same with all her things. It often happened, therefore, that her magic spells came out as real witchcraft numbers. Once, for example, Michael the Cat asked Matilda to give him a remedy for his whiskers-ache. Instead of giving him some cat grass, Matilda gave him a nice bowl full of toenails of mice. As a result, Michael the Cat was forced to keep his whiskers-ache, and to boot, he grew two enormous mouse-like ears! It was really a disgrace! Things couldnt continue like this; something needed to be done.

Matilda had heard of a fairy that, they said, had the gift of always doing things perfectly, so she decided to go and find her to ask for some advice. She packed her bag with all her recipes and set off. She walked and walked and eventually found Silvia, who, as the case would have it, was in the middle of waving her wand to make Michael the Cats mouse-like ears disappear. How humiliating! ...- Matilda thought, but she hid her embarrassment and went to say hello to Silvia. After sharing a very good cup of herbal tea that Silvia had made, Matilda told Silvia about her series of muddles. Silvia suggested that they spend the afternoon together so that Matilda could show Silvia the kind of mess she made of things and Silvia would try to help sort things out with her magic. So thats what they did. They met Julie the Sheep who complained that she wasnt courageous enough. Its one thing to be scared of dogs or wolves, but to be frightened by Michael the Cat because he looked like a giant mouse, well, that was just too much. In certain situations you need nerves of steel. Here we are again with this story of Michael the Cat...- Matilda thought with a twinge of embarrassment, and to make up for this, she used her best professional voice to address Julie the Sheep: - I understand perfectly what you mean, my dear. Strangely enough, Ive just the thing for you, right here! and she pulled a strange jar containing a green syrup out of her bag. Silvia wanted to tell her to wait a second, but didnt have time to utter a word before Matilda had already poured the green liquid into the sheeps mouth. Snake tail syrup! Excellent for nerves of steel! she exclaimed, very pleased with herself! But when she saw that the sheep was growing a green snake skin mantle, she nearly fainted!

- Oh dear! What a mess! Im so sorry, I didnt think ... Matilda tried to apologise, while Silvia, doubled up with laughter, tried to find a remedy for the condition with her magic wand. - Quickly, lets move on she said to Matilda in the end, highly amused by the spectacle. A little further on, they saw Frogalexandra who expressed a wish to be able to leap higher. Your wish is my command! Matilda immediately exclaimed enthusiastically Ive found this black powder and with a spark... - - Stoppppppp!!! Silvia tried to shout. BOOOMMM!!! It was too late. Poor Frogalexandra was catapulted into the air!

- Oh dear! What a mess! Im so sorry, I didnt think... Matilda tried to apologise to a black and smouldering Frogalexandra. Quickly, lets move on said an amused Silvia who, in the meantime, had found a magic ointment in her bag to heal the frog. And so they went on, mess and magic, mess and magic for the rest of the afternoon until sunset. We cant put all things right with our magic. Silvia the Fairy explained on their way home. But, you succeeded in doing one piece of magic perfectly! She said smiling, - Ive never had so much fun as today! And as of that afternoon they always went out together combining their magic spells and, every now and again... the occasional mess!

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