Talking about children's quality of life one can only occasionally face a great problem; but when we consider the quality of life of a sick child affected with chronic diseases the duty becomes one of those no one, no parent is able to face alone. When a cardiac problem hangs over you, and life breath seems to get out of you, you are seized by a lot of questions: how will be my son's life?
In which conditions will he face the school?
It is necessary to start a dialogue with the institutions, the physicians and the schools in other to advertise all the life conditions and all that surround the sick child. Life is not a sport for spectators, as parents we must be prompts, creatives and full of imagination. Despite the difficulty we must warrant our sons confidence and love to allow them to face the world with a luggage full of resources that will not dissolve in the air. We must never forget, either as physicians, as educators or parents, that children have the wish and are entitled to have growth possibility and qualitatives levels of live equals to the others.
An important factor is to find the way by which the children can follow school an others forms of education all together. Only realizing normal situations of aggregation, the child can have the confirmation that even "my" life is useful and is not only a great problem, even "my" life is of value for the others, for my parents and last but not least for myself.

(From the report of the Parents Association of Denmark)


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